Nature Art Summer Camp

2021 camp:

I plan on running my camp again this year if we are allowed to get together and use the studio. You can reserve a spot without deposit utile we have confirmation that the camp can run. When we receive this confirmation from provincial authorities, I will contact parents for a deposit to continue holding the spot. Don’t wait to sign up as I always end up with a wait list.

Camp will be Monday August 9 to Friday August 13, 9:30 till 3:00, for children 9 to 14 years old, $305

Precaution to prevent and track the spread of Covid 19 will be in effect in accordance to the province’s guide lines

My nature Art camp is an opportunity for children and youth to connect with nature and use it to arouse creativity through art. It is a privileged and peaceful time in a beautiful environment just west of Calgary.

The participants and I spend lots of time exploring the forest, ponds and creeks around my studio.  We take photos, sketch, paint, collect interesting rocks from the stream and evocative forest materials that inspire art projects of all kinds.  For many of the children, it’s an opportunity to really decompress and experience quality time in nature, to recognize its beauty and to develop a sense of connection with our world as well as to awaken their creativity. 

For me, the joy is in sharing my passion for art and nature. My visual world as an artist takes root in my experiences in nature as a child. Those peaceful experiences awoke in me a sense of awe and connection with the world I wish to share with my students. In this camp, I can witness those beautiful moments when each child recognizes that personal connection with nature and expresses it in an original work of art.

To sign up for any of the classes and camps, send me an email bellow.