Children and Youth Art Lessons


For young aspiring and accomplished artists 9 to 18 years of age.

$25/2 hours

Note that I can teach in French as well as in English.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 4:30 till 6:30

September till June

I have been running an after-school Art Program for more than ten years. Operating out of my studio just west of Calgary, I offers unique art lessons where I supports students in creating artwork they choose. The small size classes (six students per class) allows me to accommodate every skill level and almost any art project. Students learn how to draw, paint and sculpt. They develop confidence and skills in a supportive and calm environment.

What keeps me teaching year after year is the pride she sees in my students when they complete a project, and the privileged relationships we develop. Many of my students study art with me as children and stay on util they leave to attend university – several of them studying some form of art in their post-secondary education.


“Our family has the utmost respect for Patsy and the incredible work she does in the art community.   She is a highly motivational and inspirational teacher who is a joy to be around. Patsy has a remarkable way with people and is able to bring out the best in all her students.”          Michelle

“Patricia Lortie is an amazing artist. But she is an equally talented teacher. My daughter has been her art student for over three years, and she has helped my daughter develop as an artist and a person. I am amazed at the work my daughter has created with Patricia’s assistance.”          Chantal

“I really like the environment of Patsy‘s class. She’s so friendly and funny and everyone in the class gets along. She’s helped me improve my painting skills and create some really cool paintings that I love. I look forward to going to her class every week.”          Natasha

For more information and to register, send me an email bellow.