Vital Lines Project


Vital Lines is a land-based installation conceived in collaboration with Sabine Lecorre-Moore. We designed this interactive installation specifically for the Leighton Art Centre landscape, creating an artwork that offered a receptive site where visitors could rest their dreams, wishes and affirmations for their lives.    

The community was invited to contribute to the Vital Lines tapestry by weaving ribbons into the original structure. Doing so payed homage to Barbara Leighton’s art practice and allowed the artwork to evolve in form and meaning over its five-month lifespan. 

Over 3000 wishes where added to the weaving; from very personal messages, to words of hope for our planet and our human race. Each interaction with the installation was a privileged moment for me. Adding my own wish was a small gesture compared to reading trough all the wishes that where already there. This project gave all those who participated a sense of shared humanity and a moment of peace in the beautiful scenery of the Leighton Art Centre.

Facebook: @VitalLinesProject