The Artist

When we were little girls, my sister and I would float on the “Chenal du Moine” in Quebec where our family cabin stood on a small hill of dirt, protected against the yearly spring floods.

Two little girls forgotten for a few hours could find the freedom to daydream in the dark waters of this gentle river.

Those delicious summer days flowed into one another while we followed the warm currents that led us to Saint-Pierre Lake. The water surrounded us with its love and patience and we reciprocated fully. Trusting in its arms, we stood witness to its infinite creations, savouring the smells, the sounds and the landscape. Our skins drank the sun, the water and the wind, an infinite wealth that still lives with me today.

At night, I would dream. I would dream of water, trees and sky. I would find myself floating again, this time among the clouds. Sitting on my life jacket, I would weightlessly travel the sky.   It was the ultimate expression of the freedom that lives within us. Protected from the watchful eyes of adults, my visual and emotional world was taking shape, strongly rooted in the water and in the forest.

Today, I revisits these experiences through my creative process. I provoke encounters with nature and expresses visually the powerful emotions that result. My work is a visual expression of the freedom and communion generated by my encounters with the natural world. I make the conscious decision to plunge back into those lazy summer days and share the magnitude of their hold on my being.

In my public art practice, I strives to create a sense of entanglement with others, with nature and with the community through environmental and social awareness. I encourages people to pay attention and to be present for a moment, in a place and with each other. I accomplishes this by offering artistic experiences that naturally and effortlessly generate presence and privileged relationship.

Radio Canada published a lovely 5 minute video about my work. You can view it by following this link. Note that it is in French.