The Artist

In my childhood at the families’ cabin in Quebec, there was a magnificent maple tree that I loved to climb it.  During one of those climbs, I discovered that my tree was in fact two trees.  They grew so close to each other that they became one.  That was my first awareness of entanglement.

Now living in Calgary, I paint, draw and sculpt entanglement and movement. I explore the relationships and connections that exists between us, both the tension that separates and the attraction that bonds each of us to one another as well as to our environment.

My work is an abstracted expression of those forces.  It celebrates our privileged awareness of being, being alive, being in this world and interacting with it – a world that is in a perpetual state of change where we exist in balance and flow.  Through my collection of artworks, a unified celebratory feeling is expressed with daring color combinations and captivating movements. 

In my teaching and in public art practice, I strive to foster a sense of entanglement with each other, with nature and with community through environmental and social stewardship.