Artist residency at the KOAC

Starting in November 2020, I embarked in the creation of an installation art project during my artist residency at the KO Arts Centre. I will be in the studio at the KOAC till the end of April 2021. You can follow the evolution of the work on my instagram and facebook.

The project, which includes a series of recycled cardboard sculptures and a video projection, is a visual exploration of the ideas of self and community using the forest as a metaphor. Those concepts feel relevant in the context of COVID-19 which stirs strong and varied emotions in individuals as to their roles and responsibilities within their community.

The forest, which appears to be composed of autonomous entities, is an interdependent community. In her TED talk “How Do Trees Talk to Each Other?” explains the underground communication network that enables individuals in a forest to communicate. They share food and information such as carbon, water, defense signals and hormones.  This is my starting point to further my reflection on our individual and collective identities.

The concept of self is considered from a personal perspective. The only point of view to which we have direct access is our own. It is limited to our ability and desire to perceive what surrounds us and the conditions that affect our environment and our peers. Throughout our lives, we build a personal barometer of prejudices and beliefs that permits us to navigate the world around us effectively. This barometer, which offers us a form of protection, also limits our capacity for perception.

The concept of community requires me to focus on my environment and my society. I review references on subjects relating to natural and human communities, and I observe current events such as COVID-19 and politics. I ask myself questions to define my communities, how they affect me and what place I occupy within them.

The final installation is a visual expression of these reflections. It will offer visitors a three-dimensional environment through which they can walk as if in the forest.