My sculptures are the blend of a wish and an affirmation. They are my interpretations of life, its ebbs and flows, our connections to one another and to the world around us. They walk a fine line between abstract and realism.

Over many hours each sculpture is carefully shaped, then loved, into its final form. I begin by softening the modeling clay, perhaps adding a little here, removing a bit there, gradually coaxing it, pushing it to express the emotion I wish to convey.

The second step affirms its intention as the sculpture is molded for subsequent reproductions using hydrostone gypsum cement that produces high quality stone-like castings. And finally, each of the 25 limited-edition reproductions is sanded and perfected manually, again with caring attention to the form and the flow of my original intent.

Some of the sculptures may not be in studio stock and may need to be casted. This will create a delay of about 3 weeks prior to delivery.
Each piece is reproduced a maximum of 25 times and is numbered accordingly.

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